Friday, May 18, 2018

Most Damaged Items: How To Protect And Move Them

When you are packing your items remember some are fragile. So you can start by making a game plan. What do they require to be packed? If you don't pack them properly they will break especially households items. Here is a compiled list of items that are easy to break and how you can handle them for safe movement.

Drinking Glasses
These are the number one when it comes to breakage. With a simple step, they can arrive in good condition.

Protect: ensure you have put both normal and wine glasses in a proper box like "dishpak." it has a double wall that is thick and will provide an extra protection to your glasses. Roll glasses using packing paper and ensure they are kept vertically.

It is a crime to pack plates without the use of enough packing paper. Otherwise, you might hear them rattling in the box.

Protect: start by wrapping each plate using a packing paper 3-5 times. Label them and use a dishpak box that is secure. Place them vertically using one layer.

Glass artwork will break if cushioning was not enough on top of a box or having a gap.

Protect: you will lime the box bottom using a crumpled paper. Ensure you have stuff along the top, back and top using crumpled paper. Don't leave air gaps in the box.

They have awkward shape and they are also largely making it difficult when parking.

Protect: wrap using eco-bubble and cover every inch. Fill interior cavity using a packing paper and ensure its done properly to prevent it shifting around inside. You will not place anything on top.

Liquid cleaning supplies
You will not pack those flammables and seal the others.

Protect: open the cap of each bottle then wrap with a small piece of plastic on the opening. Tighten the cap and use tape once more to secure the bottle cap. Place packing paper around the bottle.

If font faces the box wall it will end up breaking.

Protect: wrap the mirror in multiple sheets of eco-bubble or paper and tape. Pack it in the box now and fill gaps with crumpled paper. Each mirror in its box.

Glass pictures
They break when using the wrong box

Protect: use picture box and line it at the bottom using crumpled packing paper. Use eco-bubble or packing paper to pack each frame. Pack them vertically.

Audio& stereo equipment's
The cause of damage is by putting stacks of components in the same box without putting layers between pieces of equipment.

Protect: pack them in their original boxes or use a dishpak box. If not available cardboard boxes will also work. Wrap each electronic separate from the other. Completely cover the item and place it in an upright manner, vertically inside the box.

If they are packed in an improper manner, then they become damaged. If there is tightening, the cover becomes damaged.

Protect: pack them in a book box. Ensure you place them where the heaviest are put at the bottom of the box. Pack them horizontally and fill with pack paper air gaps.

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